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Legal Services for Dissolution of Marriage in Colorado Springs

Dissolution of Marriage


Leta Brandes Law, LLC understands that our clients in the midst of obtaining a divorce are going through an extremely stressful period in their lives. Therefore, we work hard to provide quality legal representation for our clients to assist them in obtaining the most successful outcome under their circumstances.

Under Colorado law, divorce is referred to as dissolution of marriage. In dissolution of marriage cases, we listen to our clients, carefully explain available legal strategies, and work hard to successfully achieve our clients' goals and best interests.

Dissolution of Marriage with Children

Our clients care about their children and we understand children should be sheltered from the conflict to minimize the long term emotional damage. We understand that when parents dissolve their marriage they still need to co-parent their children if both parents are deemed fit. Therefore, if possible, we will try to help you minimize conflict and the negative effects to you and your children.

However, we will not tolerate the opposing party bullying our client or endangering our client’s children. We are aggressive as necessary in an attempt to protect our client and children.

Did you know……..

  • The court cannot enter a decree for dissolution of marriage until at least ninety days from the date the Petition of Dissolution of Marriage has been properly served on the opposing party.
  • The district court sends out a case management order detailing important deadlines in the case (It is critical to meet all deadlines in the case).
  • After filing the Petition of Dissolution of Marriage an initial status conference is scheduled.
  • Pro se parties are expected to follow the rules of evidence during court hearings.
  • The final documents typically filed with the court in a dissolution of marriage are the following:
    1. separation agreement;
    2. parenting plan;
    3. child support worksheets and order;
    4. decree of dissolution of marriage.
  • A separation agreement addresses distribution of marital assets and other financial issues.
  • Upon filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, parties are required to provide a completed financial affidavit and all financial disclosures pursuant to the rules.
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