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Testimonials for Leta Brandes, Family Law Legal Services with a Heart


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We have not encountered a person in any field of work that projects more honesty or shows more personal interest.
"Leta was wonderful to work with in regards to guardianship for our special needs daughter. Her knowledge, compassion and calmness turned what we believed would be a stressful process into a very smooth transition. We have not encountered a person in any field of work that projects more honesty or shows more personal interest."
Kerry F.

She was diligent, professional, and understanding.
"Ms. Brandes gave us great advise and guidance for our efforts to establish contact with our granddaughter who was placed in foster care. She was diligent, professional, and understanding as we navigated the Colorado legal process."
Mark Whitacre

5 stars isn't enough!
"Leta is amazing. I found her last minute before my hearing and she spent her entire weekend preparing. She is the kindest, most knowledgeable attorney I've ever worked with. She went above and beyond and seriously saved the day. 5 stars isn't enough!"
S. Dav

Leta is the most professional person I've ever met in any field in my life.
"She's dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable. She works so hard to protect her clients. My case was a very difficult case and she handled it all under control. Her work ethic and compassion is beyond outstanding. It was my honor to work with her and I will be eternally grateful for everything she has done for me. I would give more than 5 stars if I could in the review system because she deserves that."

Leta has grace and wisdom, she is honest and she is able to speak with dignity and integrity.
"When you think of hiring an attorney, the process is not usually a happy one, and it can be a challenge to find one that feels connected to both law and heart. Leta is not only highly knowledgeable of the law and how to navigate it, but has a keen sense of hearing what is at the heart of a situation with the ability to calm the inner storm that can feel insurmountable. Leta has grace and wisdom, she is honest and she is able to speak with dignity and integrity. I am forever grateful for her time."

Leta Brandes is one of the main reasons I am where I am today!
"There are simply not enough words to explain how influential Leta Brandes has been in my life!
At the age of 10, I did not understand the position that my family (my two sisters, my mother, and myself) were in. Leta was the perfect blend between a professional who is knowledgeable and hardworking, and a woman who was so deeply invested in the fair representation of everyone involved. Not only did she do everything in her power to be sure that the situation was handled appropriately, she went above and beyond to make myself and my sisters feel safe and comfortable throughout each transition. She gave insight into life and the future, and has bestowed her wisdom and strength in me.
Leta puts her entire heart and soul into each case that she accepts. Paired with her experience and impeccable knowledge of the justice system, Leta is an amazing choice and will undoubtedly leave a long-lasting positive influence in your life!

Highly Recommended
"It was agonizing trying to find a lawyer to help us on the most important thing in our lives; our children. I was always thankful we chose Leta Brandes. Her knowledge of the law was impressive as well as her genuine concern for children's welfare. Our case was a very difficult one. Leta continued to fight for our family with professionalism and determination. I am eternally thankful that we chose her firm to represent us, and highly recommend her for advocating what is in children's best interest."

Leta Brandes is the one you want in your corner!!!
"In my many years working with GAL's as a foster parent, Leta has been the best, most responsive and most caring GAL I have ever dealt with. Her love for the children and her role in their lives is incredible. At the point when I decided to adopt, she was the one person that I could count on to tell me like it was and see me through to the end. I will always be grateful to her for helping me adopt my son and having the knowledge to see me through the crazy world of Social Services!! If you want someone in your corner, Leta is the one you need!!! "

Thank you
"Leta Brandes and her firm represented me at a very important juncture and vulnerable time in my efforts to protect my daughter. They understood the depth of my efforts and partnered with me so that I could do my best for her given the realm of the situation. I am eternally grateful for the firms expertise in the matter that I was dealing with."

Child protection/ Guardian Ad Litem/ Client
"Leta, hands down, is the BEST GAL that I have ever worked with in the 16+ years that I have been working in the child welfare arena. Her diligence and compassion were evident from the very first meeting, and her support was invaluable! Because of her support, the medically fragile newborn twins I was caring for received the best care possible and their lives are forever changed for the best. In all Honesty, no one is better! I will be forever greatful that I was able to work with someone of her expertise and stature! And it would truly be an honor if I would get to work with her again!"

Leta Brandes is the best!
"I have worked on a team with her as well as her representing me on a family matter. She is professional and easy to work with. Shes got the great combination of being so sweet and kind and can be a bulldog if you need one. I would highly recommend her!"

"As a new attorney, I look to Leta for guidance and advice. Leta is one of the best mentors I could have asked for as I began my legal career and she trained her entire team to consistently put the best interests of children and families first in every possible scenario. Leta is patient, kind, and caring, always listening to her clients and putting their needs first. She is kind and compassionate 100% of the time, but knows how to be a strong advocate for her clients, always ensuring that their voices are heard.
As a GAL, Leta is undoubtedly the best. She has ensured that every single child she has worked with has the best possible chance at success by believing in them and working tirelessly on behalf of their best interests. So many children that grow up in the system have no permanent connections, but Leta has become a permanent connection for each child that she has come across, often maintaining relationships years after cases close and permanency is achieved. Though the D&N process is often frustrating and full of roadblocks - and parents are not always the most sympathetic of people – Leta consistently supports entire families through difficult cases, showing compassion and love to people who otherwise might not receive either.
Leta consistently treats every person she encounters with dignity and respect while maintaining her role as a strong advocate. She demonstrates a level of professionalism that is often lacking in family and juvenile law proceedings and makes every person she encounters feel important and supported. I cannot imagine beginning my career with anyone other than Leta and am grateful every day that I have been blessed to work with her and learn from her.

Best Guardian ad Litem
"Leta Brandes is one of the best guardian ad litem! She not only helps you become a better person in life and helps accomplish what you want but she sticks through it with you the long road out coming from someone who has know her since 2006 I have never met someone so in touch with their job and love it all at the same time. She defiantly has a heart of gold and a heart to help people who need the help like I once did best guardian ad litem of the century if it were up to me she helped me change my life! I have never looked up to someone except for her "

Referrals for Pre- and Post-Adoptive and Kinship Families
"As an advocate for permanency families, I referred families to Ms. Brandes who needed help contesting County actions. Ms. Brandes was responsive, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable about adoption and kinship law."

Guardian ad Litem for Our Daughter
"3 years ago we had the pleasure of meeting Leta Brandes when we were going through the adoption process for our then 13 yr old daughter. Leta Brandes had a wonderful trusting bond with our daughter L. because she showed an unwavering dedication for L. while she was entrusted to her care. Leta Brandes is apart of our family and we have kept in contact with her about L. (our daughter) acomplishments and mile stones throughout the years. She has helped our dream of adopting come true and we are fortunate to have her apart of our lives."

Leta Brandes is a Wonderful Lawyer and has Excellent Knowledge
"I first acquired Leta, through a child's rights advocate and lobbyist. I must say at first I thought man this woman is tough. She is hard, but she knew what was needed for my case. As a single father I knew it was going to be tough to get custody of my children, none-the-less get them to be able to move with me to California. She put her foot down and did not budge, she gave me all insights of the hearings and what was to come. In court, it was an interesting process that went just how she said it would and the judge even stopped with my ex's witness'. I was like wow. The end result was I got custody of my kids, sole decision making, and relocation rights to take my kids to California. I have a great respect for Leta and her team. I could never thank them enough. Now two and a half years later my ex wife is trying to get the kids for some false allegations and again I turned to Leta and her team. This time Leta is busy so I am working with Andrea Rickles-Jordan . She has been a firecracker just like Leta and I look forward to seeing how this one plays out. Believe me, no matter the turn out there will be a follow up review and a new review on Andrea. Thank you Leta and your team."

"Everything happens for a reason. Leta Brandes and associates went above and beyond to better our lives. We are thankful that we have them in our lives and everything they did for us."
Former clients, S.H.

"Leta is the most caring GAL that I have ever worked with. In my fourteen years as a foster parent, Leta and her staff are always willing to go the greatest effort to meet the needs of the children and the foster parent."
by D. N., Foster Parent

"Leta was awesome! It was our one lawyer against 4 other lawyers, and she still won the case! Totally a miracle! Thank you!!"
by M

"Leta has been there for us through both of our adoptions, which were very complicated, and now we have 2 lovely children as a result of her hard work! Thanks!"
Signed M.S.

"Leta's the GAL? It'll be taken care of then."
FASD Program staff, 17th Judicial District

"I've worked with and taught GALs for many years. Leta stands out above all the rest because she combines the ability to be caring, thorough, and at the same time a formidable advocate for the needs of the children she represents."
Eileen Bisgard, Director FASD Program, 17th Judicial District

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